Jaimie’s Picks of the Day (1/9/2022)

We are on fire now.  Yesterday’s picks were 5-1.  The only loser was the Irvine / Riverside over, that missed by four points.  This win rate will not continue, for sure.  If anyone tries to tell you they pick at 80%, you should stop listening right there.  At standard odds you need to be about 52.5% to break even.  If we can hit 55% overall, we’re making money.  This site happened to start in the middle of a hot streak, though, so let’s try to keep it going.

I would have taken the Colts/Jaguars under, but I didn’t get this post up in time.

NCAAB (7-2)

Milwaukee / Oakland OVER 139.5

NBA (6-1)

Golden State Warriors -8 vs Cleveland Cavaliers