How are ya now, okay’n you, prettys goods ifs I’s cans be’s honest. So you’re sitting on a Zoom call with your pals the other day……. And somebody says, “Hey, we’s should start our own site to talks about everything wes already spend hours every days talkings about.”


Everyone’s got a blog but mostly are crap so we figured we could add to that crap pile known as the interwebs.  Just like watching a car wreck on the highway, it will appeal to some and to none.  We talk about a wide range of fascinating topics. We aren’t degens from up north… we are damn interesting people once you get to see past our basic veneer.  The main topic of conversation revolves around college hoops.  But this doesn’t just go down in preparation for March Madness, this is consistent banter ALL YEAR ROUND.  Every day.  Single game picks, season-long projections, transfer portal, coaching moves, terrible twitter tweets, fantastic facebook follies and more. 


We came up with Imperfect Play as we do our best to provide a deep analysis of betting lines, injuries, historic trends, deep benches and motivated seniors… all to try to get an edge when we handicap the games (for entertainment purposes only, of course).  We’re usually handicapping more games than not on any given day, and collectively over more than a thousand games, we are picking the “perfect play” more than 55% of the time. 


All of this is not just for shits-and-giggles, but to get us in peak picking performance for our mid-March trip to Vegas to see just how much we’ve learned (or haven’t).  As an added bonus, since we are making Imperfect Play’s from time to time, when any one of us is the lone cause of a massive parlay fail (a few zeros after the number), that person who took the “L” earns a “shirt”.  It’s like a “cap” for any soccer fan who recognizes that as a match played, except the “shirt” is the recognition of utter failure by the asshat who chooses poooorly on the parlay, leaving him with a commemorative tee-shirt identifying the team and just how stupid it was to choose them. This shirt of shame must be worn during the next years March trip and it’s owner is mocked all year round.  Since we are borderline degenerates, we also have a smattering of side-bets conducted throughout the year, such as “delta”, “spins”, “top 10” and others that we will get into at a later date.


Aside from NCAA men’s ball, we also talk NFL DFS plays, Survivor pools, Pick-2 pools, and season-long fantasy. We live vicariously through college football, mostly the B1G, but sure we’ll pays some attentions to the other conferences too.  We are avid hockey fans because who doesn’t like running into puck bunnies at the Krackhouse or T-Mobile Arena (ala season ticket holders for the Golden Knights and Kraken – hmmm… I smell a giveaway for our fans in the future). 


We could be classified as alcoholics but we don’t attend meetings that don’t involve Zoom while sports are on and we are not quitters, unless someone picked Michigan with the 3rd pick of our annual teams draft.  When we jump on a zoom there is a 100% chance that at least three bourbon’s are poured, one beer is open and someone is not wearing pants. 

We all wish could get get our hands on a real Puppers though, and I suspect then we’d all have a beer, however we have a better chance at seeing Pappy Van Winkle riding an Old Elk while sipping a proper old fashioned made with Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.  Sim has a bourbon collection that puts most liquor stores to shame, and he is always finding new ways to snuggle up to his favorite liquor store owners to get dibs on the next heavily allocated bottle coming to town.  Sharing is caring so from time to time, he will send the group “olive oil samples” of his latest finds.  Sim also shits himself when he drinks beer.  So there’s that.  There’s a bevy of classic streaming comedies we consume and regurgitate, not the least of which includes Letterkenny and WWDITS.  Fergoddssakes, Jaimie has seen more movies than a Hollywood usher, so we’ll get his reviews on what’s worth watching.  Some of them are obscure AF, but he does keep track of everything, and he’s like an encyclopedia of movie references.To be faiiirr… after a few pours, Kaloopy could make an appearance, and sometimes in between we will talk about video games, shitty stock picks, high end tasting menus, live music, the bullshit that is pseudo-science, Vegas nightlife… and we always celebrate when we get retweeted by SVP (Go Terps), or Three Man Weave, or friend of the show Coach Dro.  Berger is going to keep spamming Jim Root to see if we can get those guys to join us on a call sometime – whether to talk hoops, or Bad Beats, or just to shoot the shit for a bit. 


Enough about us, this introduction was simply to say – welcome to our crap pile and pitter patter let’s get atter (enjoy the content).  We CAN CONFIRM we can’t exactly figure out when it started, and we don’t know when it’s ever going to end, and we never know who is going to show up on one of the random zooms we do to drink some bourbon (or beer), talk smack about how much we hate college basketball yet continue to bet on it like Pavlov’s Dog and the bell just rang.  Unless you want to promote bullshit pseudoscience, then you can rightly fuck off.  Dom challenges pseudoscience for a living so please don’t make him work while he’s trying to have a good time.  But if you like what you see, and if you want to see more… drop us some notes in the comments.  Or not… fuck, we don’t care about what you want to see more of.  And learn how to fuckin’ drive. Cheers! 😉