Jaimie’s Imperfect Picks – 2/23/2022

It has been awhile since I posted any picks.  The weekend was especially busy, plus the NBA had their All-Star break.  My last picks were terrible.  I had climbed out of the hole in NCAA, and then went right back in with losses by 2, 2.5 and 3 points.  None of them could come through for me.  

Hopefully I can get hot for the stretch run.  I have to be up front and say that I did not do good last year in March.  That could just be variance though.  We’ve got a few days before March anyway.  

NCAAB (48-45, -1.5)

Loyola (MD) @ Navy OVER 120.5

EASTERN KENTUCKY +9.5 @ Jacksonville St

ARLINGTON +4.5 @ Troy

NBA (35-22, +10.8)

Last day of NBA break