Jaimie’s Imperfect Picks – 3/2/2022

Yesterday had me absolutely tearing my hair out.  It was unreal the way I was losing games, non-stop.

The Nets/Raptors over was one of my biggest bets in awhile.  I had 5 units on that.  They had 57 in the first, 57 in the second, and 56 in the third.  I only needed 48 in the fourth (I actually had over 217.5).  The fourth quarter started and neither team scored a point in the first 3:20.  Half way through the fourth quarter, the Nets had TWO points.  And in the end I lose by 1 stupid point.  

The Duke game was terrible too.  We had under 139.  It was 36-19 at halftime!  And then they decided to play no defense at all in the 2H and scored 87 points combined. It still had a chance to go under because the game was such a blowout, but they scored 7 points in the last 45 seconds to go over by 3.  

Maybe the best of the night, though.. the Imperfect Play crew had a four team NCAA parlay that lost because of the insane collapse by Vanderbilt against Florida.  

Sometimes sports betting is like kicking yourself in the nuts. 

NCAAB (52-50, -3)

lines are too tight for me

NBA (40-25, +12.5)

Knicks @ 76ers OVER 223

Jazz @ Rockets OVER 228.5