Jaimie’s Imperfect Picks (1/22/2022)

Another 50/50 day yesterday.  We’re out here just flipping coins right now.  

Last Saturday I was adding picks throughout the day and it didn’t work out.  So today I’m just going to post all my picks early and let it ride.  If lines change, if news comes out, too bad.  We’re rolling with these picks.

NCAAB (19-14, +3.6)

Oakland @ Green Bay OVER 138

LSU @ Tennessee OVER 131

Montana St @ Portland St OVER 137.5

UCF -7 vs Tulane

AIR FORCE +11 vs Colorado St

HOUSTON -19 vs East Carolina

NBA (13-8, +4.2)

OKC Thunder @ Cleveland Cavaliers OVER 208.5


San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers UNDER 47.5