Jaimie’s Imperfect Picks (1/23/2022)

Yesterday was my worst day ever.  I could feel it coming, but I still picked a bunch of games, and they all went wrong.  The big one for me was the first one.  Oakland/Green Bay were cruising toward the over in the second half, and then they went FIVE straight minutes with neither team scoring a point.  You’d expect at least 15 points in any five-minute stretch.  That was my biggest loss of the day, and it just continued from there.  I’m now down on NCAA, which is pretty unlikely since my overall pick rate is still at 57%.  I just can’t share the right ones now. 

NCAAB (20-19, -0.9)

ARIZONA -13.5 @ California

Rider @ Niagara OVER 130.5

NBA (13-9, +3.1)

MIAMI HEAT -2 vs LA Lakers

NFL (1-0, +1)

Buffalo Bills / Kansas City Chiefs UNDER 54